w / w – watch

  • Voiced. This sound is made with your vocal cords.
  • When made properly, this sound can be extended. It’s not ‘ruh’; it’s ‘rrrrr’.
  • Your lips must be slightly parted; your lips should also be a little pursed to give them a bit of tension.
  • Your teeth should be very close together but not touching.
  • Your tongue rises in your mouth so that the edges of the middle part of your tongue touch your upper side teeth (see photo).
  • The front part of your tongue should be in the middle of your mouth but not touching anything.
  • Curl the tip of your tongue towards the back of your mouth as you make the sound.
  • When making this sound, many people sound like they are making the /l/ sound. To avoid this, make sure that the tip of your tongue is curled back (see photo).