ī / ai – ice

  • Name: ‘long i’. Voiced. This sound is made with your vocal cords.
  • To make this sound, we need to combine two other sounds: the first is a slight variation of the ‘short o’ /ŏ/ sound and the second is the ‘long e’ /ē/ sound.
  • Start by dropping your jaw to open your mouth for the ‘short o’ /ŏ/ sound.
  • Pull back the corners of your mouth like you do when you are smiling. This open mouth smiling position produces a slightly different ‘short o’ /ŏ/ sound.
  • Next, close your jaw to form the ‘long e’ /ē/ sound (see photos).
  • Your mouth should be in a smile when you finish making the sound.
long I begin
long I end